01 January 2011

happy new year!

well i did not fufill all my resolutions today (waking up on time? ha) but i did do really well on the eating front: 2068 calories, 90.7 grams protein, met almost all my rdas nutrition-wise. having family over for lunch helped! i still burned 2292 calories (base metabolic rate) despite doing nothing, but that's still better than i had been doing (yesterday: 2340 burned, 1470 consumed - whoops). i did get the concerned "you've lost weight" comment which was somewhat bothersome only because this was from someone i saw at thanksgiving when i'd already lost weight, and i didn't think i had lost that much since then. but maybe she had been concerned at the time but didn't say anything because there were so many people around? i wonder...

now i am off to do a spot of tai chi so i can cross one more resolution off the list!

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