19 January 2011

falling off, climbing back on

i keep falling off the good-health wagon on the weekends. first it was
the holiday season, then my son's fourth birthday. i tend to undereat on
those days and then eat junk at night when i am dropping from
exhaustion. must stop! but all of the holidays (aka excuses) are done
now, so i've no reason to slip for a while.

i got a copy of the canada food guide at a workshop in helping children
manage stress, so i read it over with my son this morning. now i'm
trying to come up with a list of fruit that is still eatable with
braces, and planning ahead so i can cook up a storm on the weekend, with
more variety for dinners (fish twice a week for example). it's so hard
in the winter when there isn't a lot of lovely fresh produce around, and
so many things are difficult to chew.

exercise is not too easy either - i broke the zipper on my "sensible"
boots, and it is so icy i don't know if i could manage walking/biking
anyway - today i could barely shuffle to the bus stop without falling

tomorrow morning it will be -13 and feel like -20 - i don't think i can
walk in that. maybe i'll walk part way and see if i can manage with the
cold and the slipperiness.

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