23 January 2011

the plan

in order to help with all of my resolutions, and post-holiday credit-card bill (those monthly orthodontist bills are not cheap!) i have made myself a budget to stick to - in addition to saving money, it's an inspiration to try new recipes instead of letting the strange-looking squash that came in the organic box go bad, and also an inspiration to walk to work in the mornings! tomorrow i am driving as i have to take the bambino to preschool (which means leaving home at 7, ugh) but i am also picking up my more-walk-worthy winter boots which needed a zipper replaced. and, i think that after this weekend is over, the constant extreme cold alerts are meant to ease off. the last few days, it has been 10 degrees colder than usual! yuck. the cold plus the ice (i had a wee tumble last week, actually) make it difficult to get outside. but this will change!

i've been cooking like a maniac this weekend, including what i hope will be a new favourite, sweet potato-white bean-chard soup (i was going to use spinach but then i diverted it to a different recipe). it seems like it should be the perfect food: a leafy green veg and a yellow veg (you're meant to have at least one of each of those every day), and loads of protein and fibre in the beans. plus potassium, vitamin e, iron, and i think magnesium - all of those nutrients i tend to by shy on day to day. i hope i like eating it as much as i want to!

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