26 April 2011

is it just me?

or do other people get loose bristles from their toothbrushes stuck in
their braces and have to borrow a coworker's tweezers to get them out?

19 April 2011


ok, long time no post. because i've been tired and cranky! the implant is getting on my nerves, eating is hard, breathing is hard, my back hurts, and i'm stressed out!

to top it off, the weather has been awful so it's been hard to get any exercise in. i did manage to walk to work today though (via a visit to the endocrinologist's office, which was an utter waste of time).

04 April 2011


got my first implant today. yee-haw. it wasn't the planned upper-jaw one, but rather an unexpected delight for my lower jaw when one *&(^#@$ tooth started pulling others up, resulting in an upper tooth breaking. sigh. my ortho gave me his home & mobile numbers "just in case" which makes me wonder what i'm in for! in already starting to feel the usual agony that comes with an adjustment, and the freezing hasn't begun to wear off yet. i've got a bowl of ice cream (thank you husband), i'm taking that and a tylenol 3 and going to bed!

02 April 2011

hooray for spring!

the weather is finally cooperating! yesterday i walked to work (about 4 miles/6 km), and this morning the kiddo and i walked to his karate class. feels nice to move about and breathe fresh air and hear the birds and see actual flowers blooming!