27 February 2011


my skin has been absolutely terrible lately, and it occurred to me that i ran out of vitamin e supplements a while ago (can't remember when - 2 weeks ago? 3?) and haven't been having sunflowers seeds in a while either. i bought some more on thursday but hadn't cracked the jar yet.

anyway it thought "just for fun, let's google vitamin e deficiency" and - this is the interesting part - symptoms include poor immune response (have i been fighting sickness for the past 3 weeks? yes), skeletal myopathy (could be?), and - this is the big one - peripheral neuropathy. i have had ongoing problems with peripheral neuropathy in a mild way all my life, and a major way for the past year-and-a-half, and the past weeks have been awful.

so i've looked at max intake levels and toxicity symptoms, and i'm going to start taking more. and i'm mainly posting this so i will have a definitive date to look back to to see if there's a difference.

26 February 2011


i feel like i've spent the past three weeks fighting the same bug! we were away in ottawa last week for winterlude and it was shockingly cold, but i did get a fair amount of walking in - to the museum, to the ice sculptures, to restaurants, and along the canal. all courtesy of buckley's tablets, my personal saviour in times of sickness.

we are so at the mercy of the weather in this country! over the next week it is going to be cold and warm and snowing and raining, so i don't expect to be able to walk much! here's hoping spring gets here soon.

17 February 2011

do braces cause the common cold?

i'm sure that sounds like a completely inane question, but i have to
wonder. only because when i get an adjustment done, i get a sinus
headache. and this week, that sinus headache morphed into sinus
congestion and all the woe that entails. could it be that the shifting
around that causes sinus pressure could trigger some kind of congestion
issue? or maybe it's just my own bad luck!

10 February 2011

as usual

slacking off posting generally means i am slacking off in general.

in my defence, it has been supercold here again. and, the whole family
has been passing a nasty cough back and forth. i did however manage to
walk to work (4 miles) on monday! when i heard on the radio that the
high that day would be near zero and would be minus fifteen or worse for
the rest of the week, i decided i had to grab the opportunity. so that's
something, right?