30 March 2011


my braces did not get adjusted yesterday. i got a band around my broken tooth (whee, now my tongue is sore) and an x-ray done so i can get a temporary implant next monday. my understanding is that this is like a very wee screw that they drill into the bone so they can anchor the teeth to something solid. the turbos which were supposed to help the problem tooth on my lower right move down and into place were instead pulling the teeth on either side up and out of place. hence, my cracked, newly-banded, upper tooth.

not happy! not liking this! not not not going to google orthodontic implants! maybe!

also did i mention that whoever took the garbage out yesterday morning put the wheelie bin right in my blindspot so i knocked it over when i backed out, breaking my rear view mirror on that side and spilling garbage on the ground including broken glass which cut my hand when i picked it up which i did not notice until i used the hand santiser at the kiddo's school and it stung like crazy?

29 March 2011

tired, tired, tired. and cranky.

i am feeling so unmotivated lately it's crazy.

part of it is that my husband had a bad fall on the ice (thanks, church on our corner, for shovelling and salting your parking lot while leaving the sidewalk a mess - that's real community spirit!) and bruised his lung and surrounding tissue, so i am doing double duty on chores (leaving the house at 7 o'clock in the morning to take the kiddo to school, two days of solid cooking & cleaning prior to a family event, up till 1 o'clock in the morning doing laundry, yadda yadda), part of it is the ongoing difficulty breathing, part of it is the time change (they should not have made us "spring ahead" so early! waking up in the dark is torture), part of it is my sense of impending birthday.

all of it adds up to ugh!

and, today i am getting my braces adjusted. fun times. so i am spending the day pigging out in anticipation. i justify this by the fact that i won't be able to eat after, and considering that once i almost passed out after an adjustment when my blood pressure got really low, i think i need to eat. also, if i'm going to risk yoinking a wire on some popcorn, it had better be on a day they're getting played with in any case!

24 March 2011

uh oh

my husband slipped on the ice and fell last night, and might have cracked a rib! i hope not - he does the heavy lifting in our house. i had already shovelled our walk (since he was picking up the kiddo from pre-school) and in a bit of agony from that; i am not looking forward to having to do all the lifting and laundry and whatnot for a while as he recovers. phooey.

counting the days till my appointment with the pain specialist at the end of july!

21 March 2011

has anyone else had this happen?

am i the only lucky one? i broke a tooth because of my braces. it was a tooth that already had a deep filling, and it was under pressure because of my bite adjustment. my dentist said i would have needed to get a crown eventually anyway, but it just seems so unfair! one of my coworkers asked what i was eating when it happened - as if it was my fault. but i haven't eaten anything chewy or hard or sticky in six months now. i was brushing my teeth when it happened!

16 March 2011


the last couple have weeks have not been great at all! i can not get a lung full of air it seems, and i was apologising for the yawning/complaining to my co-workers that it must be a seasonal allergy thing, as it hit me last spring as well, but there is nothing alive yet! if i'm going to have allergies, there really ought to be flowers around or something. then, one of my coworkers pointed out that when the snow melts, last year's moldy leaves are exposed, and i could be allergic to the mold. hm, i can't think what else it might be, but leaf mold is not easy to avoid!

meanwhile, the warm weather has tempted me into getting more exercise, walking to work. it's really such a lovely time of the year, the sun sticking around for more of the day, green shoots starting to appear! i picked up a few trays for starting seeds on our windowsills. i can not wait to garden again, allergies or not!

07 March 2011

back on track

or trying to get there! had porridge for breakfast this morning, which
was great, and roast lamb and green beans for dinner last night,
delicious and nutritious! it's nice to be able to do more chewing again.

i have been horribly short of breath for the past few days though, which
is annoying. i'm off to pick up a fresh inhaler - maybe that will help?
i wonder if i should go back to allergy meds... it's snowy here though,
so i can't imagine what might trigger a reaction!

06 March 2011

bad breathing day today

do inhalers have less "oomph" when you get to the end? i'm on my last puffs of my current one, and i just can't get a lungful, it feels like. it's been like that for 3 or 4 days now. shovelling snow this morning didn't help! but, i definitely needed the exercise.

the only other changes lately is that i've been eating poorly, but taking my vitamins more diligently. hmmm. a tiny bit of good news is that the health food store finally restocked barley flakes, so the kiddo and i can get back to our regular breakfast porridge routine (my fallback breakfast - cinnamon toast - isn't particularly nutritious).