28 September 2012

c25k week 1: aka i did it!!

i did it!

instead of just procrastinating, i did it.

i had trouble sleeping last night and was lying in bed, tossing and turning, and finally i looked at the clock - 5:42. so i got up, put on my jogging pants and runners, and went out there.

didn't follow the official c25k plan for a first run, as i've run before, and i also knew that if i took the time to look it up, i'd be done. i'd be sitting at the computer, and then it would suddenly be 7 o'clock and i'd have to make breakfast for my son. i just looked at the official plan now, and you're supposed to have a warm-up walk that lasts a full 5 minutes, which i didn't do. i walked to the end of our street, then ran 2 blocks, then walked crossing the street, then ran a couple more blocks, etc. all in all, 6 chunks of running, a small amount of walking, 2km over 20 minutes.

amazingly my left foot feels fine, while my right foot felt a little funny. hope i wasn't favouring the left. i didn't even think of it till i was almost home. we'll see how they feel tomorrow.

next time i will wear my bright yellow shell instead of a dark grey one though. i must have been invisible in the dark!

eta: i just checked the c25k plan and what i did was more like week 4. can i skip ahead?

and now i must stretch!

17 September 2012

another monday

another monday. super tired, due to a &*$*( car alarm going off under my window, two nights in a row! argh.

so i still haven't started the c25k yet. bad me, bad me. but, in my defence, i have been cycling to work every day, and picking up the kiddo from school 2 days a week, which involves both going up a steep hill, and fighting an extra 50 lbs of load (more leg work when i'm pedalling, more arm work when i'm braking - he only seems to pedal when i want to stop!)

anyway, i just recorded my planned intake for the day, and i'm pretty pleased with how close i am to hitting my nutrition goals for 1,747 calories. not worried about the low vitamin d; it's a sunny day today! will try to think of a high-iron, high-potassium snack to get those levels up where they belong, too. although i did manage to get loads of iron yesterday, due to the magic of smoked oysters.

11 September 2012

school daze

the young fellow is back in kindergarten, and i'm back on the bike!

the summer was spent driving him to & from distant preschool, which was maybe for the best as it was super hot and humid here - hard to breathe just standing still, i'm sure i would have been wheezing and clutching my chest if i'd had any kind of real exertion. the evening swims were just the right kind of exercise for the weather.

now though, due to a childcare nightmare (isn't it always the way), i find myself on the bike a lot. i ride to & from work, and on two days a week, i spend lunch hours riding to the kiddo's school, riding him over to his afternoon minder, then back to work, and then i pick him up on the bike after work, we ride to the library or wherever, then home.

i encourage him to pedal too, but really i do all the work! sigh. it's better for me, though.

i am pleased to say i managed to get some dinners & lunches made and put in the freezer, including a great kale/white bean/sausage/tomato soup, which is great. today's lunch was leftover black bean/corn/avocado/tomato salad. yum. and i'm back on the take-2-pieces-of-fruit-to-work track, also good.

next challenge: get running! got my shoes, got a schedule where i can fit it in, now i just need to get on it!