17 September 2012

another monday

another monday. super tired, due to a &*$*( car alarm going off under my window, two nights in a row! argh.

so i still haven't started the c25k yet. bad me, bad me. but, in my defence, i have been cycling to work every day, and picking up the kiddo from school 2 days a week, which involves both going up a steep hill, and fighting an extra 50 lbs of load (more leg work when i'm pedalling, more arm work when i'm braking - he only seems to pedal when i want to stop!)

anyway, i just recorded my planned intake for the day, and i'm pretty pleased with how close i am to hitting my nutrition goals for 1,747 calories. not worried about the low vitamin d; it's a sunny day today! will try to think of a high-iron, high-potassium snack to get those levels up where they belong, too. although i did manage to get loads of iron yesterday, due to the magic of smoked oysters.

1 comment:

  1. The car alarms are a problem here too because I live near a free parking.
    All those activities are a good cross training.