31 December 2010

last day before resolutions begin in earnest!

not walking to work today to avoid the possible rain, but i did wake up early and do my tai chi and 20 sit-ups.

yesterday i managed to consume 1936 calories, 72.5 grams protein - not bad! although i was low on vitamins d & e, as well as iron & potassium. need to work on that.

i walked a total of 8 km according to my math (9.8 km according to the pedometer in my mobile), for a total of 2593 calories expended through the day. so i should be eating more i guess to keep from getting too thin/allow me to build up my muscle, but i'm hoping an appetite will come with more exercise.

30 December 2010

getting back to it

yesterday i managed to get myself out of bed and to work on time, and walked halfway home. and perhaps most importantly of all, got myself into bed at a decent hour. today i am up early, have had an egg and done 20 sit-ups (the easiest it's ever been for me!), a couple of dips (very hard), and tai chi steps 1 through 6 twice, and some "crane breathing" which i think is part of chi-gong? going to try to walk to work, bringing soup and 2 kinds of fruit. feeling good! that's 4 out of 4 resolutions covered.

29 December 2010

back on the wagon

ok it is not quite the new year, but not too soon to start! as of today
i am going to start tracking my intake and because it is actually
reasonably uncold, i think i am going to attempt the 6 km walk home
today. and i may stop at curbside on the way to check out helmets. just
maybe. didn't do tai chi this morning; after a five-day break, it was
enough to just get out of bed!

also working on bringing fruit to work as a snack. the problem is that,
with the braces, i find a lot of things difficult to chew. apples, for
example, are definitely off the list! today i brought a banana and an
orange (basically i let my organic box tell me what to eat) for snacks,
and some lobster soup for lunch.

22 December 2010

ok, time to get back on track?

i've been really slack lately about keeping track of intake & exercise. in my defence it's been a difficult couple of weeks, with lots of activity, me being sick, and now my son being sick. but now christmas is almost here, we're almost ready, and it's time to stop slacking and start thinking about new year's resolutions.

let's see...

1. wake up at the same time every day. it seems like a silly thing, but i really think it makes a difference. the kiddo will be doing karate on the weekends at 9 o'clock, so no more sleeping in and making mondays more miserable than they already are.

2. practise tai chi every day. it doesn't take a lot of time, especially since i haven't learned all 24 steps yet, so no excuses!

3. get off the bus. public transit is endlessly frustrating, and i could/should be walking or bicycling to work.

4. get more nutrients from food sources. i shouldn't be relying so heavily on supplements. sometimes i am very good about tweaking my diet so that if i don't get enough vitamin e one day, i'll eat more the next; lately, i have been off the wagon.

i think that's enough? do i need more resolutions? anyone else think of resolutions yet?

13 December 2010


well i'm sick. not terribly surprising since my husband was nursing a chest cold, and my *#(&$ pharmacy and *#($) doctor's office wasted a lot of time refilling my inhaler prescription, so i had to go without for a few days last week. i had called shoppers drugmart almost two weeks ago to get it refilled, but they have a new automated system i couldn't get past, and you can't call for a refill without your previous prescription (there's a reference number that you need to enter). so it took me a day or to to get it together to call again. the system told me my prescription would be ready the next day, but when i dragged myself out into the -18 weather against my better judgment it wasn't ready, because my doctor hadn't replied to the faxed request. i know my doctor, and i know her staff, and i will bet a dollar that the secretary who received it did not pass it along (she completely messed up a referral for a pulmonary function test last spring, but that's another story). when i called the next day (a full week after i had initially tried to call in the refill) she said she'd "try" to get it done that day, and i was pretty grouchy about insisting that she must as i'd been without my inhaler for two days at that point.

i think it's time to look for a new doctor - unless i can encourage her to fire her incompetent staff? i am definitely never going to shoppers drugmart again. they always disappoint.

07 December 2010

an education

so my son brought hoome a copy of the canada food guide from school, and we looked at it over dinner.

a woman my age is supposed to get 7-8 servings of fruit and veg, 6-7 servings of grains and breads, 2 servings of dairy, and 2 servings of meat and proteins.

i got 1 serving of fruit, 3 servings of grains, 1 1/2 servings of milk, and 1 serving of meat.


06 December 2010


when i was brushing my teeth this morning i was amazed at how much straighter they are! the right side still has a long way to go, but the left side is aligning nicely. maybe i'll try to take a picture later. they were hurting like crazy last night, so it is great to start seeing some results!

01 December 2010

a difficult week

after overdoing it on a few occasions (walking on concrete for a couple
of hours on friday night at a craft show, standing up all day sunday
making jam and relish and mincemeat and eggnog, carrying my 45-pound
little guy around a gravel lot for an hour monday night to see the
holiday train, and then having a 13-hour day with added commute
yesterday) i am pooped, officially. my foot was crying last night, and
my back is killing me. i am just wrecked! i think i need to spend a
couple of nights with my foot propped up or soaking in epsom salts or

the good news is i am pretty much on schedule to get most of the crap
stuff done before the holiday season is really in full swing.

the bad news is i still have to paint the living room!