22 December 2010

ok, time to get back on track?

i've been really slack lately about keeping track of intake & exercise. in my defence it's been a difficult couple of weeks, with lots of activity, me being sick, and now my son being sick. but now christmas is almost here, we're almost ready, and it's time to stop slacking and start thinking about new year's resolutions.

let's see...

1. wake up at the same time every day. it seems like a silly thing, but i really think it makes a difference. the kiddo will be doing karate on the weekends at 9 o'clock, so no more sleeping in and making mondays more miserable than they already are.

2. practise tai chi every day. it doesn't take a lot of time, especially since i haven't learned all 24 steps yet, so no excuses!

3. get off the bus. public transit is endlessly frustrating, and i could/should be walking or bicycling to work.

4. get more nutrients from food sources. i shouldn't be relying so heavily on supplements. sometimes i am very good about tweaking my diet so that if i don't get enough vitamin e one day, i'll eat more the next; lately, i have been off the wagon.

i think that's enough? do i need more resolutions? anyone else think of resolutions yet?

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