15 December 2011

my nemesis

i had actually been doing pretty well, walking to work most days, remembering my fish oil and vitamins every morning, bringing lunch and not swapping it out for purchased junk, etc. location location location: makes a big difference.

then i started to feel that tickle in the back of my throat that spells sick. so, i gargled, i took buckley's tablets which are usually awesome at warding off the sinus headache and everything else, drank fluids, ate oranges, the whole nine yards.

but these last couple of days have been killer! yesterday my sinuses were killing me at the end of the day, and the ttc cancelled my bus so i had to walk home in the rain, and we ordered thai because usually tom kha kai helps me get through the yuckiness of a cold but the place we usually go to is closed and the place we went to instead (simply called "thai" on st clair) was awful. i went to bed at 7 and woke up at 9:30. bleah.

this morning i felt a bit better, but just as i was on my way to lunch, something terrible happened. something came loose on my braces, and i felt as though i had a safety pin dangling from the roof of my mouth. ugh! and my ortho is away for the month. i imagined struggling through xmas dinner with this mess, and then choking to death in my sleep. thankfully i was able to get someone to see me. my lingual bar had come loose. "save it," said dr carcao, substitute ortho, "it looks like it was custom bent for you." here it is:

and now i have the additional sinus pain i always get after an adjustment. bleah.

still, it's interesting to see what was on the roof of my mouth these past however many months. i could never quite visualise it, but whenever i go to my regular dentist's office for a cleaning, the hygienists all ooh and aah over dr gold's fancy footwork.

01 December 2011

back on track?

well it has been a crazy month or so here.

long story short: i just started a new job! and, it is a reasonable
walking distance from home (about a mile and a half). i walk to work
in the morning - which is such a nice way to start the day - and take
the bus home in the evening. once i get a decent bike light, i'm going
to ride to and from work. no hills! really excited about that. it's
also nice to get that bonus time back - instead of rushing out in a
panic in the morning, i can take my time. in the new year once i'm
cycling, i'll likely work eight to four, so i can spend more time with
the kiddo (and supervise his snack, which is pretty random) and have
more time to prepare dinner in the evening.

what a great feeling to have a fresh start and finally start getting
some exercise!