29 July 2011

away we go

off to the cottage for a week. i've been feeling quite awful the past week; spoke to my doctor yesterday and she was concerned but not worried so i guess that is good. i just don't want my health to interfere with my vacation! note to self: don't forget the inhaler! esp. since on my return i am getting braced up top. oh, the fear.

22 July 2011

feeling better

what a rough week! starting to feel better though. the kiddo has a
summer cold (or croup? it's a croupy sounding cough, only at night, and
a horrid wheeze) so i was off work yesterday, which was nice, then had
dinner at auberge du pommier with my lovely former co-worker, which was
also good. today tg is home with the kid, so i got to sleep in till
7:30. heavens! i think what i really need more than anything is more
sleep and possibly more red wine. last night was malivoire but i think
today is more of a beaujolais day. and now i'm off to the bottleshop.

19 July 2011


getting over my pity party a bit. went shopping for groceries (lots of lovely fresh veg) and had a nice dinner of salad with chicken. and, the "humourously" named "smooth move" tea, which i am hoping will alleviate my issues. also got tomorrow's breakfast and lunch ready (for both myself and the kiddo) so i can get back on track after the popcorn derailment.

it's going to be crazy hot for the next few days. wish me luck.


that is the only way to describe my mood today. i had a "procedure" (minor surgery - no incision) done on friday, since which time i have been "uncomfortable." i am trying to get loads of fibre and liquids into me to help, enough said.

also, i popped the wire off my braces on saturday, just got it fixed today. so, double-plus ungood.

next appointment with the ortho, he is going to start working on my uppers. "we can start anytime," he said. "how about after i come back from the cottage," i said. "oh, definitely after the cottage. you don't want to mess up your cottage week." which i guess is his way of saying this will mess me up for a week. boo.

people keep asking me how much longer i'll have the braces on, and i
keep saying "i don't know; i don't want to ask."

13 July 2011


went up to a cottage in the mountains for a few days of rest and relaxation... and now i can't breathe! i don't know if it was the altitude or the pollen or what, but i feel like i am wearing a scarlett o'hara-era corset or seomthing. ugh. and my back is killing me - i swear my breathing and back pain are connected - so i've been having trouble sleeping. boo. here's hoping it gets better now that i am back in the air-conditioned city... according to the weather network's "air quality report" and "pollen report" everything is fine.

and, once i can breathe again, i am going to pick up a "new to me" bicycle which is a better frame size for my long torso. the ride back and forth from my son's pre-school to work is impossible, but i think if i could ride from his pre-school to the subway i'd save myself a lot of time and frustration as well as getting a bit of exercise in.