20 January 2012

another band!

after my bracket on the very back tooth popped off twice, i got a third band. more and more metal in my mouth every day! walked home in the freezing cold yesterday, and i am happy to report that my tooth didn't feel supercold, as happens someday.

also happy to report that i have walked to or from work 4 times this week so far! it's just under a mile and a half.

18 January 2012

another boring update

yesterday i walked to work, and i was feeling all proud of myself, and then i realized that i had forgotten my supplements. this morning i walked and took my supplements! yay.

on the downside: a bracket popped off my back tooth on sunday. no worries, i had an appointment with my ortho on tuesday (yesterday) anyway. so he put it back on. but i think it was hitting another tooth because last night it popped off! it was barely in place for 4 hours! gah.

13 January 2012

things i've learned this week

1. i really need to start prepping for the kiddo's birthday in the summer or something. because doing it all when i'm recovering from christmas doesn't work.

2. protein for breakfast is a must, or i am crabby and starving mid-morning.

3. carbs for breakfast are also a must, or i will fall asleep mid-morning.

4. someday, i must learn to pace myself! taking classes day and night while prepping for a party is all too much.

11 January 2012

january update

what a hectic week: taking a class and preparing for kiddo's birthday party.

being in class all day (and one night) means i'm not getting to my afternoon snack - a piece of fruit. i made time today to eat a pear i'd been carrying since monday! i'm just glad it survived the trek. my brain is really burned out from thinking, and i've been up late getting stuff done around the house, but i did manage to walk to work yesterday and today took a little stroll at lunch and even did a bit of tai chi. still need to get to the bike store to get my flat tires replaced. one of these days.

i'm also getting back in the habit of taking my supplements. it's so easy to lose the habit and so difficult to get back in. but it really does seem to make a difference, so i really do need to make the effort. especially since the carpentry and whatnot i've been doing around the house (and honestly, no way could i have done that last year) is taking its toll.

here's to an eventual moment of relaxation at some point!!

04 January 2012

a few running links

just storing these here so i can find them later...

couch to 5k at cool running

c25k.com with loads of links to podcasts, foreign language versions, etc.

link to download the mp3 of the c25k program podcast with no music, just cues to switch from walking to running etc.

i haven't run in a while, but i've done it before and will do it again! there's a run in april for the daily bread foodbank, i'm thinking that's a good place for me to start.

03 January 2012

another new year, another set of resolutions...

actually i am afraid i will just stick with last year's, which i am afraid to look at, because i'm afraid i haven't stuck to them very well... i remember promising to do tai chi every day (didn't) and wake up at the same time every day (didn't). so i think i will reinstate those. and try to add some additional exercise into the routine. i've had the chance to walk to/from work since starting a new job, and i'm hoping to ride my bike regularly (but not today - minus 25 with windchill? my lungs would hate me!) once i really get into the swing of things.

so instead of coming up with a bunch of resolutions, here's a look at what i've learned in the past year...

1. stress is bad. since changing jobs, i'm much happier and have more time as well. it's helped with my health immensely.

2. supplements are good. i have a dumb tendency to not take my supplements (carlson's norwegian fish oil, magnesium, iron, b, c, d, e) on the weekends. fair enough, i don't have the same routine on the weekends. but starting the holidays being ill (nausea + fish oil? nope) led me into not taking supplements over the holidays at all. so by the end of the week off, i was getting back pain again. never again will i miss my fish oil!

3. protein in the morning, or else! boy do i get cranky if i don't have protein in the morning. big greasy brekkie of eggs with sausage or bacon or blood pudding, or even just french toast, and i am good to go. cereal or pancakes: forget it. today i had bran cereal, but made sure to have a boiled egg as well.

4. things are getting better! i spent a few days over the holidays doing some odd jobs around the house - mainly carpentry - as well as hoisting a 10 kilo turkey into the oven (i made my husband take it out, though). and I got through it with comparatively minimal pain! hoooo. i would not have been able to do that a year ago. i'm no longer relying on daily doses of painkillers. i no longer use an inhaler. so that is very good news!

ok, i broke down and looked at my previous resolutions, and i have to say that while i fail on the waking up and the tai chi, i get a pass for getting off the ttc and getting more nutrients from food sources. although i am sad to say our health food store no longer carries rose hip juice so i haven't had it in ages! will have to track some down.