29 September 2011

sick again! and sick of it!

argh, i just cannot seem to keep from getting sick! if this is strep again, i don't know what i'll do. my doctor is too busy to see me (also the receptionist seemed to think strep could wait until next week - sure, i'll still be sick next week if i don't see a doc before then, but by that point my son will be sick again too) although the phone message says she is still accepting new patients. unbelievable!

anyway, today i finally finally have an appointment with the pain specialist. referral was sent in 11 months ago. last december i was told he'd see me in july, he has rescheduled twice since then. i guess they figure chronic issues aren't urgent? feh.

didn't i say i was going to stop complaining? looks like nothing changes...

oh, and i'm getting my braces adjusted today too. fun stuff.

04 September 2011

a new beginning

well i was looking through this blog the other day (to find "before" pictures of my teeth to show my husband, and i realised how it has devolved into complaining rather than any kind of progress. hmm. it has been a very difficult summer, because with three hours of commuting every day i really haven't had time to exercise or cook properly, especially with the added hurdle of finding most foods i like difficult to chew. and work has been idiotically stressful.

but now, everything is changing. work is still stressful (moreso, actually) but with the kiddo off to "big kid school" i won't be driving all over the city anymore - he'll be on a schoolbus! and instead of me dressing him while he's still asleep and both of us eating breakfast in the car, we'll be able to eat a proper breakfast at home. and the end of summer means the start of porridge. yum.

also, i'll be packing lunches for the kiddo, so that's making me think more about the kind of nutritious portable things we both can eat, although i probably be relying on the old "soup plus two kinds of fruit" formula since i have the chewing issue. but at least soup weather is here!

today i have much cleaning and organizing to do, and i hope to get a few make-ahead dinners into the freezer. but getting home from work earlier also means i'll have more time to cook a proper meal in the evening. yay!

and, i just picked up a bicycle - a better-size frame for me to ride than my old one. the short ride home wore me out a bit (i'm still panting, 10 minutes and a glass of water later), but it's pretty steamy out right now, so i'm hoping that with better weather and more regular riding i'll be back in form soon. and maybe i can get back to trying running again, too! but for now, baby steps. if i can just get back to eating healthy breakfasts & riding the bicycle to work, that will be two huge steps in the right direction.