29 September 2011

sick again! and sick of it!

argh, i just cannot seem to keep from getting sick! if this is strep again, i don't know what i'll do. my doctor is too busy to see me (also the receptionist seemed to think strep could wait until next week - sure, i'll still be sick next week if i don't see a doc before then, but by that point my son will be sick again too) although the phone message says she is still accepting new patients. unbelievable!

anyway, today i finally finally have an appointment with the pain specialist. referral was sent in 11 months ago. last december i was told he'd see me in july, he has rescheduled twice since then. i guess they figure chronic issues aren't urgent? feh.

didn't i say i was going to stop complaining? looks like nothing changes...

oh, and i'm getting my braces adjusted today too. fun stuff.

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