28 March 2012

wah wah wah

what a 24 hours i've just had! last night i took a tumble on the stairs - well, almost - i didn't fall all the way down but grabbed the railing. i landed awkwardly with bruises on both legs, and also on my sternum/ribs. back is sore i think from the wrenching when i tried to "save" myself.

then tonight i dropped something heavy on my toe! not the same toe i broke last year, but it still hurts a lot. i've been icing it.

it's barely 7 o'clock here and i'm ready to go to bed!

23 March 2012


last night as i was replacing my elastic, i wondered how i hadn't noticed this before:

when did this happen?? it's a truly terrible photo (i took about a dozen even blurrier) but i think you can see that one of my uppers is sticking out. last night i wondered if i had been attaching my elastic to the wrong tooth, but i'm certain that's not the case.

and i'm supposed to be doing a tv shoot with my son on monday, so i don't even want to see my ortho in case he wants to put brackets on the front or something. i know i should just bite the bullet and call, though.

i could weep!!

22 March 2012


thumb not hurting this morning. it's a bit swollen, and has a shiny part where the fingerprint is sort of smoothed out, but i was still able to ride my bike!

21 March 2012

uh oh

i may not be able to ride to work tomorrow. i had a bbq accident this evening, where i burned my thumb not to blistering stage, but past that to the cooked-through stage. i have a disturbing shiny dent in my thumb, and it's a bit swollen on either side. couldn't hold my cutlery at dinner, not sure how i'll do on the bike! i have bus tokens, so maybe i'll just take transit tomorrow morning for a rest, and do a trial ride tomorrow night.

reminds me though - it shouldn't stop me running, and that's something i need to start!

20 March 2012

a treat for me!

decided to treat myself to a new helmet, since my old one is very old and beat up, and i think bicycle treats are a good incentive to ride my bicycle more, and yakkay helmets are on sale at curbside! i got this one, the paris in herringbone. i may treat myself to an additional cover, if i'm good. i'm thinking maybe every week that i ride my bike to work every day i can earn something? that sounds fair...

i also remembered my *&$#* inhaler this morning, and my supplements. go me.

19 March 2012


rode my bicycle today! what a gorgeous day for it. spring has come early, i couldn't be happier. we might even do yoga outside tomorrow!

18 March 2012

a new era in personal injury

well, not really i hope. but two trial runs with the kiddo this morning (not even half a block each) left me a little skittish! i think we'll start by doing tuesdays & thursdays after school, which is one level street, and get used to that before we do monday/wednesday/thursday when he goes to karate, which means more traffic, more turns, and more hills.

17 March 2012

i did it!

i didn't think i could, but...

after a week of a lot of driving and no exercise whatsoever due to the kiddo going to his old distant preschool during march break, today we had breakfast at a neighbour's house. the highlight is his climbing wall, which the kiddo loves (we even bought him his own harness). there was a bit of "you should try it" and a bit of "oh, maybe if there was no one around to watch and laugh" type of banter.

then this evening, i dropped by to pick up a couple of items that got left behind. and he said, "hey, no one's around, why don't you try an ascent?" and after all the warnings about my lack of fitness and strength, i tried it.

and i did it!

i made it up to the ceiling and down again, and then i went across the wall and up to the ceiling and dropped down. it was fun! and since the kiddo loves it, and we can practise now and then at our neighbour's house, i'm sure i'll do it again!

11 March 2012


i tried some gishy goo on my new lingual hook, because my tongue was hurting, but it was still sore from the elastic slicing into it. then my elastic popped off last night when i was out and about, and i decided "maybe i'll just leave it overnight so my tongue has a chance to heal" (previous inside-of-cheek sores usually got better after a "night off," and i wouldn't even need wax after). but my tongue is still sore! it's ok as long as i don't eat or speak, but as soon as i try to do anything, yikes. i'm going to give it till tonight before i put the elastic back. crossed fingers.

08 March 2012

one thing after another...

did i mention my subconjunctival haemorrhage? could be worse i suppose; the other explanation for a sudden blood spot on the eye are a lot more detrimental and permanent. this is basically a popped blood vessel caused by the strain of coughing.

i just feel like it never ends some days!

07 March 2012

bad case of "the sighs" today

sighing and yawning and unable to catch my breath! i should confess i haven't taken my steroid inhaler for the last couple of days as my throat was feeling a bit rough and i was worried about getting thrush. but i guess i should get back on that for a little while, at least.

i don't like inhalers! don't wanna! wah, wah, wah.

06 March 2012

on a more positive note...

i do think i have recovered more quickly from my traditional spring lung collapse quicker than i did last year or the year before, so i have to believe the supplements are helping! i've also been doing some of the "nerve flossing" that angus taught me, and i think that's helping too. a week and a half ago my left shoulder was 2 inches higher than my right; today they are about even.

need to keep thinking good thoughts, to distract myself from the squeaking sound my elastics make anytime i move my face...

05 March 2012


i'm not getting my braces off next week. i didn't get impressions done today. ortho is still not 100% happy with my 4-6, so i now have elastics for a month. it didn't seem so bad when i was leaving, mainly i guess because i wasn't moving my mouth at all. then i tried eating. waah. i am allowed to take them off when i'm eating, but they'd rather i didn't. "the more you wear them, the faster they can work." blah blah.

this day started out crappy and just went downhill from there.

impression day!

going to see my ortho today for impressions - the countdown to debracing has begun! only 7 more days!

02 March 2012

something proactive

we signed up for delivery of an organic veg box, and the first one came today! great inspiration to get creative with produce.

tonight, i made a salad of red leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes, and baby sweet peppers, to go with pizza with a home-made organic whole-wheat crust, topped with tomato, rapini, rowe's farm italian sausage, and organic mozzarella.

then i spent about ten minutes with the water pik getting it all out of my braces. can't wait to get these things off! 10 more days!

eta: i figured out what turbos are!! they are the weird blobs on the back of my front teeth. can't wait for them to be gone.

pizza (serves 4)

3 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp yeast
1 tbs salt
1 5/8 cup water
2 tbs olive oil

1/2 bunch rapini
2 tbs olive oil
2 cloves garlic
2 italian sausages
1/2 cup tomato sauce of your choosing
2 cups shredded mozzarella

in the morning, combine flour, yeast, and salt in a large bowl. stir in water and olive oil. cover (i use a butter wrapper, but you could use waxed paper or oiled foil or a damp tea towel) and leave somewhere warm for 8 or 10 hours.

bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and add the rapini. boil for 2 minutes, then drain.

crush the garlic and saute gently in olive oil. add the drained rapini to the pan, and toss with the oil. cook 5 minutes over medium heat, then scoop all into a bowl and set aside.

add the sausages to the pan, and cook over low heat 10 or 15 minutes, till cooked thoroughly. slice into coins just under 1/4" thick. set aside.

knead dough lightly for about 2 minutes then roll out to cover a 14" pizza pan. prick all over with a fork. combine rapini and tomato sauce, spread over crust. top with cheese and sausage.

bake for 20 minutes at 450f. yum! lots of nourishment in there too - one serving has more than 16 grams of fibre and 36 grams of protein. go whole wheat!