17 March 2012

i did it!

i didn't think i could, but...

after a week of a lot of driving and no exercise whatsoever due to the kiddo going to his old distant preschool during march break, today we had breakfast at a neighbour's house. the highlight is his climbing wall, which the kiddo loves (we even bought him his own harness). there was a bit of "you should try it" and a bit of "oh, maybe if there was no one around to watch and laugh" type of banter.

then this evening, i dropped by to pick up a couple of items that got left behind. and he said, "hey, no one's around, why don't you try an ascent?" and after all the warnings about my lack of fitness and strength, i tried it.

and i did it!

i made it up to the ceiling and down again, and then i went across the wall and up to the ceiling and dropped down. it was fun! and since the kiddo loves it, and we can practise now and then at our neighbour's house, i'm sure i'll do it again!

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