05 March 2012


i'm not getting my braces off next week. i didn't get impressions done today. ortho is still not 100% happy with my 4-6, so i now have elastics for a month. it didn't seem so bad when i was leaving, mainly i guess because i wasn't moving my mouth at all. then i tried eating. waah. i am allowed to take them off when i'm eating, but they'd rather i didn't. "the more you wear them, the faster they can work." blah blah.

this day started out crappy and just went downhill from there.


  1. Anonymous6.3.12

    I'm sorry to hear about that. I saw your post on archwired and decided to check out you blog. I like! I'm feeling mighty discouraged as I just had two crowns done and I feel like the dental/ortho work on my mouth is going to go on forever and ever...and I'm never going to stop owing money for my mouth.

    I go in next week for the permanent crowns. New impressions, and hopefully good news far as my bite is concerned. I just want them off already!!!

  2. i need to get at least one crown done as well... it does feel like it will never end!! i find going back to look at my "before" picutes helps. they're just so horrifying, they remind me of the progress i've made.

    hope you reach the light at the end of your tunnel soon!