16 August 2011

now i've gone and done it

stubbed my toe *again*! and it really hurts. not "broken" hurts, but
"you really shouldn't have done that" hurts. trying to find a way to sit
at my desk comfortably, and failing. i wonder if it's worth asking
security if they have a cooling pad/ice pack?


11 August 2011

rough week

this has been a bit of a crap week, with lots of rain, braces disappointment, and general i-wish-i-was-still-at-the-cottage-ness. i felt so much better up there! combination i think of better air, more rest, more exercise, better food. in the city i find it so much harder to find the time for everything in a day, plus the humidity makes it difficult to cook & difficult to sleep.

made it to the farmers' market yesterday though for strawberries (i can't believe we are still getting local strawbs in august!), peaches, pears, cherries (harry's eaten almost all of them already), sweet onion, tomatoes, and garlic. last night had whole-wheat pasta with pesto made from farmers' market garlic and basil from the garden. and then ate a bunch of strawbs, feel a bit better today. although the kiddo's similar wish-i-was-still-at-the-cottage mood is expressing itself in the form of bedtime tantrums, which is wearing us all out.

it's a bit cooler today, so maybe i'll buy a whole bunch of tomatoes and roast them. roasted tomato sauce = yum.

i do need to get some exercise though. i really have to fetch that bicycle so i can ride between the kid's pre-school and subway, even if it's only for a couple of weeks (also because i hate driving in the city with a white-hot passion). at the cottage i was swimming, walking, or canoeing every day. here i do nothing but walk from the subway or parking lot to the office! and even that bothers my poor left toe.

09 August 2011

let down

so i spent over half an hour in the waiting room before seeing my ortho last night! by the time i finally got into a chair, it was too late for him to do anything with my uppers. grr. they'll be on in three weeks, which to me just feels like an additional three weeks added to a jail sentence. not happy.

07 August 2011

of course!

just came back from a great week at the cottage - canoeing, swimming, long walks, good farm-fresh food cooked from scratch - it was great! i felt great! and then, brushing my teeth after the endless drive home, i popped a bracket off my tooth. argh! it couldn't have happened at a better time really - i have an appointment with my ortho tomorrow (he's working on my uppers! eek!) and it would have been truly awful if it had happened while i was away. but still, i'd really rather it hadn't happened at all.