13 July 2011


went up to a cottage in the mountains for a few days of rest and relaxation... and now i can't breathe! i don't know if it was the altitude or the pollen or what, but i feel like i am wearing a scarlett o'hara-era corset or seomthing. ugh. and my back is killing me - i swear my breathing and back pain are connected - so i've been having trouble sleeping. boo. here's hoping it gets better now that i am back in the air-conditioned city... according to the weather network's "air quality report" and "pollen report" everything is fine.

and, once i can breathe again, i am going to pick up a "new to me" bicycle which is a better frame size for my long torso. the ride back and forth from my son's pre-school to work is impossible, but i think if i could ride from his pre-school to the subway i'd save myself a lot of time and frustration as well as getting a bit of exercise in.

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