19 July 2011


that is the only way to describe my mood today. i had a "procedure" (minor surgery - no incision) done on friday, since which time i have been "uncomfortable." i am trying to get loads of fibre and liquids into me to help, enough said.

also, i popped the wire off my braces on saturday, just got it fixed today. so, double-plus ungood.

next appointment with the ortho, he is going to start working on my uppers. "we can start anytime," he said. "how about after i come back from the cottage," i said. "oh, definitely after the cottage. you don't want to mess up your cottage week." which i guess is his way of saying this will mess me up for a week. boo.

people keep asking me how much longer i'll have the braces on, and i
keep saying "i don't know; i don't want to ask."

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