01 December 2011

back on track?

well it has been a crazy month or so here.

long story short: i just started a new job! and, it is a reasonable
walking distance from home (about a mile and a half). i walk to work
in the morning - which is such a nice way to start the day - and take
the bus home in the evening. once i get a decent bike light, i'm going
to ride to and from work. no hills! really excited about that. it's
also nice to get that bonus time back - instead of rushing out in a
panic in the morning, i can take my time. in the new year once i'm
cycling, i'll likely work eight to four, so i can spend more time with
the kiddo (and supervise his snack, which is pretty random) and have
more time to prepare dinner in the evening.

what a great feeling to have a fresh start and finally start getting
some exercise!

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