25 October 2011

status update

well, i've been doing the supplement routine for a full week now, and so far the only difference to report is that i am super crabby! could be due to other things going on right now, actually. but boy have i been in a bad mood. ugh.

the thing that i am finding hardest is getting adequate sleep. there is always "one more thing" i need to do before i retire. or, i find myself "too tired" to get up off the sofa and go to bed properly. last night i made sure to get at least some of the things that delay bedtime (i.e. making coffee for the next morning) done before dinner, so i wouldn't get lured back downstairs after i put on my pyjamas. that helped. the more i can get done when i'm in kitchen-mode, the better.

my hands have been driving me crazy though.

that reminds me: i need to set up a reminder on my computer at work to think about my posture! all day every day!

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