15 October 2011

oy, what a morning

i had a load of blood work to do this morning from the pain specialist! it hat to be done on day 19-20 of my cycle, and required 12-hours' fasting. so i was feeling pretty lousy when i got to the lab this morning, and then had to wait over an hour, and pay out of pocket for some of the tests - a hundred dollars! my insurance had better cover it. just had a late breakfast of a boiled egg and marmalade toast eaten with a knife and fork, since i'm still having trouble eating post-braces-adjustment. now that i've had all the tests done (ten vials of my blood! ten!!) i'm going to start all the supplements he recommended - fish oil, magnesium, more iron, etc. but right now i just want to have a nap!

oh also i can't remember if i posted that i broke down and asked my ortho how much longer - he guessed four to six months, which is not too bad! i just hope they're off before my birthday.

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