12 October 2011


what a week. i realise now just how much i rely on sleep to deal with pain. that is, how much i rely on sleeping ridiculous amounts, like 12 hours a night when i can usually once or twice a week, to ease my back pain. because the pain is kind of manageable if i can just sleep all the time! but, the past few nights, i haven't been able to sleep. i get to sleep ok, and then i wake up. this morning i got up before 2 o'clock and couldn't get back to sleep, in part due to tooth pain (got my braces adjusted again yesterday) and i think hunger (because i couldn't eat post-braces).so, tonight i napped for a couple of hours as soon as my husband got home, set the alarm to get up at 8:30 to eat (tinned salmon and mayo - not exactly gourmet! - but nutritious, lotsa calories, and chewing not required), and will be heading back to bed soon, after giving husband strict instructions that he is to sleep on the sofa and keep his snoring away from me!

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