13 December 2010


well i'm sick. not terribly surprising since my husband was nursing a chest cold, and my *#(&$ pharmacy and *#($) doctor's office wasted a lot of time refilling my inhaler prescription, so i had to go without for a few days last week. i had called shoppers drugmart almost two weeks ago to get it refilled, but they have a new automated system i couldn't get past, and you can't call for a refill without your previous prescription (there's a reference number that you need to enter). so it took me a day or to to get it together to call again. the system told me my prescription would be ready the next day, but when i dragged myself out into the -18 weather against my better judgment it wasn't ready, because my doctor hadn't replied to the faxed request. i know my doctor, and i know her staff, and i will bet a dollar that the secretary who received it did not pass it along (she completely messed up a referral for a pulmonary function test last spring, but that's another story). when i called the next day (a full week after i had initially tried to call in the refill) she said she'd "try" to get it done that day, and i was pretty grouchy about insisting that she must as i'd been without my inhaler for two days at that point.

i think it's time to look for a new doctor - unless i can encourage her to fire her incompetent staff? i am definitely never going to shoppers drugmart again. they always disappoint.

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