01 December 2010

a difficult week

after overdoing it on a few occasions (walking on concrete for a couple
of hours on friday night at a craft show, standing up all day sunday
making jam and relish and mincemeat and eggnog, carrying my 45-pound
little guy around a gravel lot for an hour monday night to see the
holiday train, and then having a 13-hour day with added commute
yesterday) i am pooped, officially. my foot was crying last night, and
my back is killing me. i am just wrecked! i think i need to spend a
couple of nights with my foot propped up or soaking in epsom salts or

the good news is i am pretty much on schedule to get most of the crap
stuff done before the holiday season is really in full swing.

the bad news is i still have to paint the living room!

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