26 November 2010

it's quite amazing really

how different everything feels. i don't know if it's because of the weight i've lost or because i was used to shuffling around with the aircast (maybe a bit of both?), but walking down the street just feels different. i can feel the muscles in my legs expanding and contracting, and i find myself looking for an excuse to break into a little run - crossing the street when the light is yellow, dashing for the bus. i'm not officially allowed to run for another 3 weeks or so, but i'm itching to move more.

in other news, i've discovered a tricky aspect to the protein hot chocolate - if you don't stir regularly (constantly?) while heating it in the microwave, it gets nasty. yesterday i popped my mug in the microwave, and when i came back 90 seconds later, there was a hard protein-y crust on top which i tried (failed) to mix in. ugh. today i stirred every 30 seconds and it is much better.

also i notice i am not getting a heck of a lot of potassium. i've had a banana each day this week, but my intake is still on the low side - what are some good soft potassium-rich foods?

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