03 November 2010

small triumph!

well, sort of! i have been going on excursions throughout my office building this week, and climbing stairs when it's feasible (sometimes i find the step is too narrow for my aircast to fit safely) - cumulative 11 stories today. so i saw a coworker i haven't seen in a few weeks and she said "your teeth look straighter already!" so that was a pretty good feeling.

diet-wise hasn't been so great - last night i went to bed with a piece of cake to get my calorie intake up over the 1000 calorie mark, when i should have had a myoplex and something with some more nutrients. today i've only managed 375 calories so far (including the banana i just ate) so i had better eat a big dinner. another coworker commented today on how prominent my cheekbones are now, she said they just show up more when i'm not wearing my glasses, but i think it's the weight loss. had some bloodwork done at the doctor's office, and she said she'd refer me to an endocrinologist about the weight loss since it's been so much in a short period of time.

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