24 November 2010

first week back to the ttc!

i cancelled my physio yesterday! after a weekend of madness and standing
on my toes, i feel confident that i am on the mend. and since i can walk
down stairs now, i am back to taking the subway to work instead of
driving - less stress, more knitting, more exercise, and it makes
suppertime a hundred times easier.

finally we get to dip into the make-ahea-and-freeze meals i've been
cooking from our organic box! in the morning i take something out of the
freezer, and after work i zip home on the subway and turn on the oven
before heading out to get the boys by car. last night we had a baked ham
with colcannon (mashed potatoes and cabbage) and i steamed some broccoli
too when we got home. hame is my favourite meat for braces i think - the
texture is very forgiving, it barely needs chewing. my jaw was sore last
night, but that was after having *seconds* of everything! whee. tonight
we are having veg lasagna.

also, i bought a protein supplement on the weekend, and yesterday
afternoon instead of crashing (like i did on monday) i made a hot
chocolate with protein added. it tasted fine, and really did the trick.
three cheers for whey.


  1. As italian I love lasagna. I see that in the past year you got into the troubles. I hope that you can recover totally and run like the wind as soon as possible.

  2. thank you! i hope so too!