16 November 2010

terrible day

well, i had my first adjustment today. had another bracket added (to the second molar on the lower left) to help pull the second premolar back into position; there is a wire with a sort of kink in it and comfort tubing over half of it which bridges the gap over my missing tooth now. and on the right, where the first premolar is so far out of line that it isn't even bracketed yet, the comfort tubing has been replaced with a sort of spring to help make more space for it.

so the appointment, like the first time, was uncomfortable with a few ouchie moments, but i felt ok walking out the door. knowing it would hurt more later, i took a couple of tylenol3 (tylenol/caffeine/codeine) as a pre-emptive measure and went to work.

after i'd been at work for barely an hour, i had a crazy vertigo moment and was trembling all over - like all my muscles were contracting at once - and of course was feeling nauseated and had a terrible headache. i lay down for a bit and did not feel any better, so came home, where i've been on the sofa all day taking regular tylenol. tried to eat a sandwich (egg, avocado, tomato) which did not go so well (the tomato was the problem this time).

i did check my blood pressure on the way home - i tend to have low blood pressure but it was lower than normal today for some reason - maybe that was the problem?

for the record, it was 97/57, pulse 61.

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