08 November 2010


very busy weekend - starting with a busy friday (meeting with little h's speech-language pathologist, frantic housecleaning, guest arriving for weekend visit, and home visit from the school board deaf/hard-of-hearing coordinator, shopping for birthday present), through a busy saturday (more housework, grocery shopping, cooking, lunch guest) to an unexpectedly busy saturday (6 loads of laundry - which meant going up and down stairs from the 2nd floor to basement, helping mother-in-law pack up her house she just sold). yikes!

managed to get a whopping 1800+ calories on saturday due to choux pastry gnocchi with lots of cheese and chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting. successfully ate a small amount of salad (the croissant i tried on friday did not work so well however). sunday was the most tiring of all, especially since we were expecting it to be a day of rest and recuperation, and we ended the day with dinner at the pub where i successfully ate the chunks of ham in my pasta carbonara (the first time i've been able)! my pre-molars are pretty sore - i guess because they've got the most movement and least support. it kind of breaks my heart that i am just starting to get used to eating 7 weeks in, and i'm going to the ortho next tuesday so the suffering will start again. boo.

in other news, i was at the fracture clinic this morning and the doctor thinks i should be able to start putting weight on my foot. he wants me to not wear the aircast at all when i am at home, and wear it only as necessary when i'm out and about. i'm wearing it now, because i didn't bring a second shoe! maybe i'll wear my old sneakers tomorrow and bring the aircast with me. or the other way around - i would not want to have a fall in the parkinglot stairwell!

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