04 November 2010


did a bit better today. almost 1500 calories and 74g protein without having to resort to the nasty drink. also got my rda (or pretty close) on most nutrients! lunch was soup (white beans/kale/italian sausage/tomatoes) and dinner was sauce-from-a-jar butter chicken with broccoli and rice pilaf (husband's leftover). i actually did well on the rice! i was sure it would all get stuck on my braces, but it didn't. the chicken was tricky though - i should have really overcooked it to get it soft, but didn't have time. so, had to do a bit of chewing, and some of my teeth are pretty sore now.

i also went for a walk at lunch and did a few exercises for my upper arms with the theraband. and climbed the stairs up to the fifth floor. boy was i pooped after all of that. oh well, no pain no gain, right?

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