11 November 2010


ok before i complain i am going to say a little thank you to my dental hygienist for introducing me to the marvel of the end-tuft brush. i have never used the inter-proximal because it just resembles a pipecleaner too closely for my liking, but the end-tuft really gets everywhere it needs to without poking.

now the booo part: the lovely angus put his back out! part of me is secretly glad i don't have to drag myself downtown for a 7:30 appointment, but it means another week without physio. and poor angus. it's a physical job; he needs his strength; i'm actually surprised his back doesn't get out of whack more often. good thing he knows a lot of other physios (his wife, for example, works out of the same practice).

so i guess it's up to me for now. after one miserable cast-free day, i'm back to wearing it at work all the time. i do keep it off at night though. which is tricky, as little h isn't quite that aware of his surroundings and i have visions of an accidental stomp. he's come close a few times.

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