29 December 2010

back on the wagon

ok it is not quite the new year, but not too soon to start! as of today
i am going to start tracking my intake and because it is actually
reasonably uncold, i think i am going to attempt the 6 km walk home
today. and i may stop at curbside on the way to check out helmets. just
maybe. didn't do tai chi this morning; after a five-day break, it was
enough to just get out of bed!

also working on bringing fruit to work as a snack. the problem is that,
with the braces, i find a lot of things difficult to chew. apples, for
example, are definitely off the list! today i brought a banana and an
orange (basically i let my organic box tell me what to eat) for snacks,
and some lobster soup for lunch.

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