28 September 2012

c25k week 1: aka i did it!!

i did it!

instead of just procrastinating, i did it.

i had trouble sleeping last night and was lying in bed, tossing and turning, and finally i looked at the clock - 5:42. so i got up, put on my jogging pants and runners, and went out there.

didn't follow the official c25k plan for a first run, as i've run before, and i also knew that if i took the time to look it up, i'd be done. i'd be sitting at the computer, and then it would suddenly be 7 o'clock and i'd have to make breakfast for my son. i just looked at the official plan now, and you're supposed to have a warm-up walk that lasts a full 5 minutes, which i didn't do. i walked to the end of our street, then ran 2 blocks, then walked crossing the street, then ran a couple more blocks, etc. all in all, 6 chunks of running, a small amount of walking, 2km over 20 minutes.

amazingly my left foot feels fine, while my right foot felt a little funny. hope i wasn't favouring the left. i didn't even think of it till i was almost home. we'll see how they feel tomorrow.

next time i will wear my bright yellow shell instead of a dark grey one though. i must have been invisible in the dark!

eta: i just checked the c25k plan and what i did was more like week 4. can i skip ahead?

and now i must stretch!

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