16 March 2011


the last couple have weeks have not been great at all! i can not get a lung full of air it seems, and i was apologising for the yawning/complaining to my co-workers that it must be a seasonal allergy thing, as it hit me last spring as well, but there is nothing alive yet! if i'm going to have allergies, there really ought to be flowers around or something. then, one of my coworkers pointed out that when the snow melts, last year's moldy leaves are exposed, and i could be allergic to the mold. hm, i can't think what else it might be, but leaf mold is not easy to avoid!

meanwhile, the warm weather has tempted me into getting more exercise, walking to work. it's really such a lovely time of the year, the sun sticking around for more of the day, green shoots starting to appear! i picked up a few trays for starting seeds on our windowsills. i can not wait to garden again, allergies or not!

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