30 March 2011


my braces did not get adjusted yesterday. i got a band around my broken tooth (whee, now my tongue is sore) and an x-ray done so i can get a temporary implant next monday. my understanding is that this is like a very wee screw that they drill into the bone so they can anchor the teeth to something solid. the turbos which were supposed to help the problem tooth on my lower right move down and into place were instead pulling the teeth on either side up and out of place. hence, my cracked, newly-banded, upper tooth.

not happy! not liking this! not not not going to google orthodontic implants! maybe!

also did i mention that whoever took the garbage out yesterday morning put the wheelie bin right in my blindspot so i knocked it over when i backed out, breaking my rear view mirror on that side and spilling garbage on the ground including broken glass which cut my hand when i picked it up which i did not notice until i used the hand santiser at the kiddo's school and it stung like crazy?

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