21 March 2011

has anyone else had this happen?

am i the only lucky one? i broke a tooth because of my braces. it was a tooth that already had a deep filling, and it was under pressure because of my bite adjustment. my dentist said i would have needed to get a crown eventually anyway, but it just seems so unfair! one of my coworkers asked what i was eating when it happened - as if it was my fault. but i haven't eaten anything chewy or hard or sticky in six months now. i was brushing my teeth when it happened!


  1. I'm not wearing braces, but I've had teeth break at random for no reason. I blame genetics. If it's still possible, see if you can get the crown. If I had got a crown in time I might not have false teeth now.

  2. well my insurance doesn't want to pay for it, so we'll see. maybe if i get a big tax refund or something.