29 March 2011

tired, tired, tired. and cranky.

i am feeling so unmotivated lately it's crazy.

part of it is that my husband had a bad fall on the ice (thanks, church on our corner, for shovelling and salting your parking lot while leaving the sidewalk a mess - that's real community spirit!) and bruised his lung and surrounding tissue, so i am doing double duty on chores (leaving the house at 7 o'clock in the morning to take the kiddo to school, two days of solid cooking & cleaning prior to a family event, up till 1 o'clock in the morning doing laundry, yadda yadda), part of it is the ongoing difficulty breathing, part of it is the time change (they should not have made us "spring ahead" so early! waking up in the dark is torture), part of it is my sense of impending birthday.

all of it adds up to ugh!

and, today i am getting my braces adjusted. fun times. so i am spending the day pigging out in anticipation. i justify this by the fact that i won't be able to eat after, and considering that once i almost passed out after an adjustment when my blood pressure got really low, i think i need to eat. also, if i'm going to risk yoinking a wire on some popcorn, it had better be on a day they're getting played with in any case!

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