27 February 2011


my skin has been absolutely terrible lately, and it occurred to me that i ran out of vitamin e supplements a while ago (can't remember when - 2 weeks ago? 3?) and haven't been having sunflowers seeds in a while either. i bought some more on thursday but hadn't cracked the jar yet.

anyway it thought "just for fun, let's google vitamin e deficiency" and - this is the interesting part - symptoms include poor immune response (have i been fighting sickness for the past 3 weeks? yes), skeletal myopathy (could be?), and - this is the big one - peripheral neuropathy. i have had ongoing problems with peripheral neuropathy in a mild way all my life, and a major way for the past year-and-a-half, and the past weeks have been awful.

so i've looked at max intake levels and toxicity symptoms, and i'm going to start taking more. and i'm mainly posting this so i will have a definitive date to look back to to see if there's a difference.

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