14 January 2011

things are happening

ok i still have a looong way to go, but there has actually been progress! here we have a "before" pic of my teeth from my first trip to the ortho, and a not-quite-after-but-getting-there pic from this week. see the difference? i see it! i need to remember the good times here...

meanwhile, i notice that when my teeth are in agony my toe hurts. actually my everything hurts. i think what happens is that the arthrotec/tylenol combination can't handle chronic pain and orthodontic agony and residual broken foot pain, so i start feeling it again. all of it. but the real lesson is that i need to remember to be gentle with my foot. maybe i think it's all good now, but maybe that is just because i have been taking NSAIDs for over a year, and don't feel the pain that others would.

in other words, i need to be careful.


  1. Yes...I see the difference.
    Take care and very soon we will read some race report.

  2. thanks for the encouragement!