06 January 2011

another day, another appointment

yesterday i saw an endocrinologist about my weight loss. i've been doing a better job since i started this blog about eating well etc., but after i got my braces and broke my foot there was a solid month of cake/ice cream/poutine diet, with zero exercise, during which i lost weight. almost every day someone will comment on how much weight i've lost. it's making me uncomfortable. but because i gained weight last year, it doesn't seem to count to the endocrinologist because it's not sufficiently far off my "baseline" weight. nevermind that all kinds of family who've known me for years see a huge difference, it's the standard doctor response, "doesn't match anything in my book, therefore you're fine."


on top of that, i seem to be coming down with something. i've got the tickle in the back of the throat, the hacking cough, the trouble swallowing that usually means swollen glands. waah. poor, poor me.

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