05 January 2011

happy new year?

lessons learned from yesterday...

my big BIG breakfast (800 calories!) yesterday morning was definitely a good idea. considering i couldn't bring myself to eat after getting my braces adjusted, eating a day's worth of food before 9 o'clock was very smart! i was in a fair amount of agony after, but didn't totally crash the way i did at my last adjustment. for dinner we had take-out rotisserie chicken and potatoes, nice and soft and no real chewing required. i managed 1646 calories for the day, including 96.3 grams protein - not bad! although i did burn 2356, so still way behind there.

also interesting to note: even though i had almost no fruit and veg yesterday (just one glass of orange juice and some potatoes, which almost don't count) i still managed to hit my rdas on almost all nutrients (only low on vitamin e, manganese, and iron), just from a variety of tasty, tasty animals. thank you meat! maybe i should have a big meaty breakfast more often! if i took yesterday's intake and just added a salad for lunch (teeth permitting) i would have been perfect.

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