26 January 2011


walked to work this morning again! it's about 4 miles/6 km, and takes about an hour if i stride and don't stop.

and based on my thoughts this morning and yesterday, i present:

winter city-walking tips

1. pick a middle-sized street - too small and the sidewalks won't as likely be shoveled

2. big streets should be avoided - you are more likely to to get stuck at a red light or splashed by a passing car

3. avoid schools and retail areas - they are more likely to be surrounded by sidewalks bothers like groups of slow-moving kids, people suddenly appearing out of doorways, and sidewalk cyclists

4. plan your route to include crosswalks or streets with 4-way stop signs instead of traffic lights you have to wait for

5. if your route crosses a big street where lights are unavoidable, try to hit those corners at a point where you can cross in either direction, to minimise waiting

6. break into a run now and then - catching the walk light is a great excuse to move faster - make better time, and get your heart pumping

7. if you don't have a lot of time, work one-way walks into your day - for example, walking to the grocery store and returning by public transit

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