21 January 2011

resolution check

so let's see...

1. waking up same time every day - yes! today i could have slept in a bit, but i resisted the urge and got up at 6:30 just the same.

2. tai chi every day - yes! last night i was looking up "grasp the swallow's tail" though and i still can't quite figure out how to get there from "repulse the monkey"

3. get more nutrients from food sources - yes! i've been eating bigger breakfasts (added a bowl of porridge - made from organic wholegrain barley - to my usual boiled egg) since i'm getting up early every day, and i think it makes a big difference in my whole day. this morning i had rosehip juice instead of my usual "monster juice" (apple juice with spirulina and stuff added) because i noticed it contains lots of iron (which i am usually low on, even with supplements). also making a point to bring two pieces of fruit to work every day along with lunch - yay organic box. and today will be big cooking weekend!

4. get off the ttc - fail. i have big ideas but it has been so cold lately! and icy! -7 feels like -15 due to windchill is too cold for me. i can handle a low as -10, but less than that is too cold i find. i am debating though - today is h's slp appointment in the morning - maybe i can walk or ride my bicycle to the appointment, and then ttc from there? just to get a bit of movement in?

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