24 January 2011


i'm having sweet potato-swiss chard-white bean soup for lunch and it is really yummy!

also, i just had a look at the "nutrient report" on fitday and i've done a lot better this past week - got enough of everything (including iron) from food sources, with the exception of vitamin e, which is still low. the best source seems to be nuts/seeds, which i find tricky due to my braces. maybe i'll bring an avocado for lunch tomorrow; it's lower on the e-list but nice and soft. or, maybe add sunflower seeds to porridge while it's cooking, to soften them up?

i picked up my newly-repaired practical winter boots this morning, and comfy boots + less bad weather means i should get some walks to work in this week. tomorrow will be tricky though as i have to attend a parent workshop for people with deaf/hard-of-hearing kids entering jk in the fall. so, either i will walk a lot or i just won't be able to fit in any walking, time-wise.

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