30 October 2010


ok i'm in my first cold water soak of the cold-hot-cold routine, and yow! oh boy.

anyway, i didn't do much today, but i did do some walking and climbed a few stairs. and, i just did my foot-lift work-out.

and now i'm in the warm bath, and prickles all over. my nerves are crazy. whoa.

i'm short on everything again today (calories, protein, nutrients) so i'm having a myoplex to top up. my goal is to get at least 1500 calories and 70 grams of protein (1 gram for every kilo of bodyweight - although i'm sure i weigh less than that now.

and while i'm here, i did my blood pressure at the the pharmacy the other day and found it in my pocket, so here it is for posterity: 104/64, pulse 59.


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog. I definitely feel for you...but, you are on your way back right now! Running has helped my asthma enormously...I used to take prednisone (an oral corticosteroid) every day (for close to 4 years). Today, I have weaned of the prednisone and although I still take two inhalers and get Xolair injections once a month...my quality of life is significantly improved thanks to running :) ...hang in there, it'll all be behind you one day!

  2. that is so inspiring to hear. i can't wait to get this cast off and start moving (and breathing) again!