28 October 2010


this is going to be a personal fitness blog. i expect it to be quite boring.

basically, about a year ago i started suffering from chronic (maybe constant is a better word) pain. arthrotec helps. then in september i got braces and the same week broke my foot (technically, a minor fracture of the toe, and "soft tissue damage" that causes pain mid-foot and my first three toes to be numb/tingly all of the time). during the pity party that ensued, i ate a lot of cake and icecream and poutine. i've started eating better - homemade soups, lentils, beans, etc. to try to get some protein and fibre back into my diet, but i've lost a lot of weight - all of it muscle. i actually got a body-builder-type drink (myoplex) at the drugstore yesterday to try to up my protein intake, because it is quite sad.

anyway tomorrow i start physio, and i wanted a place to keep track of what i'm doing exercise-wise, diet-wise, and otherwise-wise.

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