29 October 2010


went to bed early last night, and then my son let out a shriek sometime after one o'clock, and here i am three hours later...

i started using fitday earlier this week. i've used it periodically over the years, mainly to check how i'm doing with vitamins and minerals - i'm anemic so i need lots of iron, and it's also interesting to see what you get lots or not enough of. it was actually fitday that inspired one of my current favourite soups (lentil & chard) - i realised i don't get a lot of vitamin e or selenium as well as iron, looked at what foods contain those nutrients (answer: lentils and chard) and then looked for a recipe containing those ingredients.

anyway, looking at my food diary for this week the problem is pretty clear - i am not getting nearly enough food! the most calories i managed in a day was 1500 (a third of that was from chocolate); one day i only got 880. so, i had better start drinking the myoplex. and doing more cooking. part of the food problem is that, in addition to the chewing difficulty, the broken foot has interfered with my dinner routine. normally i would take the subway or bike to work, but i can't manage with the aircast (going down stairs is very difficult for me, and most subway stations on my route only seem to have "up" escalators). i would get home from work, pop dinner (made ahead, i actually have a freezer full of food) in the oven, and then drive up to my son's school and my husband's office, bring them both home, and dinner would be ready. now, i drive to h's school straight from work, no time to go home to put dinner in the oven, and by the time we're all home we're tired and hungry and generally just eat some pasta or something. not exactly balanced. i need to find a solution for this. i wish our oven was programmable!

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